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Parental Control | Child Monitoring Support


Monitor your child’s desktop activities with Call IT Desk India Parental Support software!!

In this fast paced world, children are also growing up smarter beyond their age. Parents are always concerned about what their children are doing on their computers in their absence. There’s no need for you to worry now, because as we at Call IT Desk India will provide you with the solution to all your problems.!

Call IT Desk India parent control support enables you to access your child’s PC through your own system. With Child monitoring support software, you can monitor your child’s desktop activities, tooas well. Wherever or whichever part of the globe you are in, you can watch over atch your child’s desktop activities and can even easily block the restricted sites through your own PC easily.

And in case you need any guidance regarding the usage of the software or any other problem, Call IT Desk India 14×7 parental support team is always ready to serve you. What more you ask for!!


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