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Looking for a Technical Support for Tablet in India?

Resolve software/hardware related issues on your tablet PC, install any mobile application, remove viruses or set up email.

Call IT Desk India brings professional Tablet Support in India, care and repair services for all brands currently sold in India. Our professional and qualified experts offer the entire range of support starting with guidance in buying a tablet to suit you to installing apps, upgrading software, internet and email set up, accessorizing it and providing timely, guaranteed repairs whenever needed.

With professional assistance of Touch, you can take your tablet experience to the next level and have peace of mind knowing we are here for help anytime.

Our Tablet Support in India Services include:

Tablet Repair & Maintenance Services
Tablet E-Mail Setup Services
Tablet Data Backup & Data Transfer Services
Tablet Broadband Support
Tablet Virus & Spyware Removal
Tablet Security & Performance
Tablet Software Support
Tablet Application Installation
Tablet Shield Installation


Ship shape with a defragmentation

Regular defragmentation helps to arrange data more efficiently thus making the hard drive work less to access the data. The quicker the moving hard drive works, lesser is the load placed on the battery. Thus, the battery of your laptop can last longer.

Kill the resource gobblers

End the background processes that are not vital. Monitor the resource usage through a ‘Ctrl-Alt-Del’ which brings up the Windows Task Manager (in Windows). Weed out unnecessary programs running as start-ups by launching the System Configuration Utility from Run MSConfig Tab: Startup. Uncheck the programs which you don’t want to launch and reboot the computer once.

Pause the scheduled tasks
It may be a defragmentation or a virus scan, but make sure it is scheduled for a time when you are near a power outlet. If not then nix them for the moment.

Unplug external devices
USB devices are the biggest drainers of battery power. Unplug all external devices like an external mouse, PC cards, Wi-Fi, external speakers, Bluetooth and even an attached iPod.

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